EDTS spol. s r. o.
Strážná 5181
760 01 Zlín
Czech republic
tel.: +420 577 00 52 11
tel.: +420 577 00 52 22
email: edts@edts.cz

Company profile

Basic information about the company

Company EDTS ltd. was founded in 1994 in Zlín by an only owner with the objective to create a projecting and consulting center in the sector of industrial automation.
Since it's beginning the workers have had experiences of industrial automation, therefore the company's activity shaped into developing and creating large projects with application of electric drives, PLCs, PCs and software implementation to create new or reconstructed machines and technological devices.

By consistent orientation in system analysis of designed solutions, the company is focused on supplying and applying modern systems and technologies for regulation of manufacturing processes from the leading world-class companies.

This single-minded orientation in devices with top-ranking technical parameters and long-term lifetime opened opportunities to enforce in competitive environment of home market and foreign market as well.

Activities and objectives of future  

Present and future are established on a marketing overview and on a thought-out technical support to manufacturers, integrators and end-customers. By an aimed market survey we find new cooperative companies in Czech republic and abroad as well, who we are able to offer our theoretical knowledge gained from applicational training in producing manufactories and practical experience from implemented projects.

The company's future is in the base of Design, Development, Projection, Production, Installation and Service of industrial automation systems and implementation of investment projects in low-voltage and extra-high-voltage networks.

The purpose of these projects is a perfect functionality in demanding operating conditions and economical recoverability for the customer. We can achieve this not only by high-quality settings of operating parameters but also by a stable detection of electrical variables of applied systems.

The future's objective must be a self-evident obligation to invest in education, building intensive contacts with schools and companies supporting research and development of new technologies with high level of innovation.

Philosophy and thinking in company

The workers' philosophy in the company is always based on perfect analysis of technical solution, on mutual trust and on helpfulness between customer and supplier, in conformity with well-done work and properly applied components. Company's workers are prepared to offer you technical help with local applications or prepare a complex solution of large projects in the range of customer's wish.

The scope of our services determines the marketing thinking and thought-out objectives of our customers. Mainly the teamwork between customer and supplier is a precondition for long-termed cooperation in development and distribution of electric drives and control systems and in implementation of timeless projects in the range of industrial automation.

Quality guarantee and full service

Systems and electrical components supplied by our company are in an accord with the protocol of accord with supplied components and the certificational sign CE required for products applied on the EU market.

We effectively use a verified integrated system of management of quality and environment in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 9001:2008 and ČSN EN ISO 14001:2004.

We dispose of our own projecting, manufacturing and assembly capacities, which allow us to deliberately coordinate and improve all our services offered and to use experience from implemented projects.

We guarantee a high quality of executed work and we offer permanent guarantee and after-guarantee service of supplied components and implemented projects.