EDTS spol. s r. o.
Strážná 5181
760 01 Zlín
Czech republic
tel.: +420 577 00 52 11
tel.: +420 577 00 52 22
email: edts@edts.cz

Professional and high quality marking

EDTS spol. s r.o. insists on the high quality marking of equipment, conductors, terminal boxes

EDTS spol. s r.o. takes pride in the satisfaction of our customers and on the highest quality of our works on the first place. Therefore we started to use marking equipment produced by company Weidmüller, which guarantees, thanks to its thermotechnology, resistance of the marking even in the severest conditions.


We are using two types of the printers nowadays:

PrintJet PRO

  • top quality and resistive printing
  • possibility of color printing
  • everyday printing of huge amount of labels
  • marking of terminals and terminal boxes
  • marking of conductors and cables
  • marking of buttons, equipments and technologies
  • inflammable and halogenide-free



  • top quality and resistive printing
  • ThermoMark printing
  • marking of equipments and technologies
  • printing of heat shrinkable labels
  • inflammable and halogenide-free